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March 20th 2018
Chairman’s demo (Ian Carress)
April 17th
Pete Osborn
May 15th
Joey Richardson
June 19th
Phillip Greenwood
July 17th
Margaret Garrard
August 21st
Richard Findley

September 18th
Gerry Marlow
October 16th
Mick Hanbury
November 20th
Andrew Hall
December 18th
Nikos Siragas
January 15th 2019
David Lowe
February 19th

Club competition

Judged by a panel of three

April – A three legged stool of any size

June – A decorated chalice

August – Free Selection

October – Vase exploiting it being made in two parts

December – A toy with three (no more and no less) moving parts

Open competition

Judged by votes by all members

March – A pin or needle case

May – A slender vase

July – Pot stand with an odd number of feet

September – Free selection

November – Two pairs of lace bobbins

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